Panama City Tour

All of these locations are visited on your Panama City tour!

Panama ViejoPanama Viejo In 1670, the city counted 10,000 inhabitants. On 28 January 1671, the Pirate Henry Morgan attacked the city with 1,400 men marching from the Caribbean coast across the jungle. Morgan's force defeated the city's militia then proceeded to sack Panamá.

Casco Viejo

Casco Viejo a historical quarter of the city where you will get a taste of this aspect of Panama’s life. Casco Viejo is home to many historic sites. The Kuna and Embera Indians of Panama sell hand-crafted pieces in little shops along Casco Antiguo where you can purchase souvenirs for the fairest prices offered anywhere in the city.

Amador CausewayThe Amador Causeway was built from excavated material during Canal construction. It took 18 million yards of solid rock, from the Panama Canal to build this Causeway. Connecting the main land to three small islands in the Panama Bay.

Panama Canal at NightThe Panama canal is 80 kilometers (48 mi) long built for ships to travel to or from the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Completed in 1914 it has been named one of the seven modern wonders of the world by the American Society of Civil Engineers. A ship sailing from New York to San Francisco via the canal travels 9,500 km, well under half the 22,500 km route around Cape Horn.

Fort LorenzoFort San Lorenzo was built by the entrance of the Rio Charges a very important river because it was the starting point from which pirates like Drake or Morgan would cross the Isthmus of Panama from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. It was also the crossing point for Americans searching for gold in California during the 1840's.

For both the pirates and gold diggers, the first half of the trip across the Isthmus of Panama began on the Rio Chagres; the second half of the trip was on land along the old Spanish gold trail known as the Camino Real.

Mercado de MariscoThe Mercado de Mariscos is the city fish market, open for business to local restaurants and the public every day except the 3rd Monday of each month when it is closed completely for thorough cleaning. It's the best place to buy fresh fish in Panama City, everything from tuna to snapper to lobster to octopus or ceviche from one of the many vendors.

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