San Blas Day Tour

Bambu Huts in San Blas

For those who do not have time to stay overnight in San Blas we provide a one day only tour package.The San Blas Day Tour can be generally booked on short notice, however we do suggest you book a few days in advance if possible.

You will be  picked up at your hotel within Panama city between 5 to 5:30am and will usually be back in Panama City by 7 pm. It does make it a long day but for those who dont have time or cant stay overnight it is a good option.

San Blas HillsC

The San Blas day tour starts with your ride from Panama City to the Carti Port in San Blas. You will travel in a 4 wheel drive shared vehicle, the only type of transportation allowed in the Kuna Yala. The drivers can take up to 7 or 8 passengers and it can be a tight fit at times, they will pickup other passagers along the way. It is the only type of transport permitted in the San  Blas area. The drive to the Caribbean side to Carti is approximately 2 hours, you will cross the Isthmus across jungle and mountains. Once there you will be attended by one of our Kuna contacts. The driver will not stop anywhere along the way to purchase items, drinks or food as they are on a schedule.

During your day tour you will visit 2 to 3 islands, Isla Perro that has a ship weck within snorkeling depths with many reef fishes or you can just relax on the beach. Occasionally you have the possibility to visit one of the Kuna villages on a different island, however the are not that clean and really third world. For breakfast we suggest you bring something light along maybe fruits or other with a bottle of water. You will be served a traditional Kuna Indian lunch.

San Blas beach Panama

The day tour of the islands ends around 2-2:30pm, you will then be taken back to the port to meet with your driver for your ride back to Panama.  All times given are approximate and could vary slightly. The price includes 4×4 transportation to and from the city. The boat transportation to the islands, the boat captain his guide and lunch.

Only cash is accepted in San Blas, no credit or debit cards.

Kuna PangaC

Kunas are normally friendly but not overly, however you will definitely feel this is as close to paradise as can be, the water, the sand, the beaches, the sun all contribute to your pleasure.
Take along mandatory item is your passport, they could turn you back if you dont have it. Nice to bring along are snacks, water bottles, towel, and sun block. Snorkeling equipment is sometimes available but it is best to take your own, they are very inexpensive in the malls or large hardware type stores. Only cash is accepted preferably no bills larger than $20, no credit or debit card accepted anywhere. Not include in the price are the Kuna taxes total of $22

Some island sell water bottles, beer, and soda all $2 each, if you like other beverages like wine or other best to bring your own.