El Valle


El Valle Panama is one of the most special destinations in the country, with many places of interest.

 You get picked up at your hotel around 8:00 am and we head out West away from Panama City to El Valle. Depending on your interest you will pick the sites to explore.

Price: 2 people $90 per person for 3 of more people inquire about our group discounts.


India DormidaCerro de la India Dormida (The Sleeping Indian) Is a hill chain with the silhouette of a sleeping Indian woman in the west of El Valle. The name has it´s origin in a local legend.You can hike to the top of Cerro de la India Dormida which can be seen from town.

Waterfall El MachoWaterfall "El Macho"This particular waterfall, which is the largest in the region (35 meters / 115 feet), is located just outside of town. El Valle offers several waterfalls that are beautiful at anytime of the year, it is an ecological refuge due to its exuberant vegetation and its natural beauty.


wp05464e76_06Pozos Termales (Hot Water Springs)These hot water springs, which consist of approximately 5 small pools, are located just off the main road in El Valle. This facility is the only one of its kind in the area,and the warm waters are considered therapeutic. Therapeutic mud facials are available for $2.00.

Golden FrogsGolden Frogs (Ranas Doradas)The famous golden frogs of Panama are most commonly found in this area, many of which can be viewed in glass cages at the Nispero Zoo.


PetroglyphsPetroglyphs (Piedra Pintada)A few minutes from town, in the same direction as the El Macho Waterfall, lies the Petroglyphs, or stone writings. This pre-Columbian petrography couldn't´t be decoded yet. Some locals say it was a map for traders nobody knows how old they are, the local kids will want some change to tell you stories as to what the writings mean, who knows if they are correct, but they are cute.


El Nispero ZooEl Nispero Plant Nursery & ZooThis nursery/zoo provides the best location in El Valle del Anton to witness the famous golden frogs. The Zoo contains numerous animal and plant species.You will see monkeys, birds, iguanas, parrots, etc. There is a well maintained trail that passes through the zoo. Perhaps not the size of a large American zoo, however the Nispero Zoo is one of the areas most frequented tourist destinations.

Conopy Zip LineCanopy (Zip Line) Here, from platforms 100 feet in the air, you are given a spectacular insight and an inside view of the cloud forests, fauna and flora. On this tour you soar above the waterfall twice. The tour lasts approximately one and a half hour.


El Valle Craft MarketThe Craft Market Another attraction every day but most popular on Sundays in the market place in the center of town. Next to vegetables, fruit, plants and flowers, you can find handicrafts such as wooden bowls, paintings on wood, hammocks, molas, baskets and ceramics. Prices are usually negotiable.